How long should I give my child the multi-sanostol syrup ?

The general rule is that vitamin preparations do not replace a varied diet but vitamin supplements are necessary in certain indications, e.g. when a child has an increased need for vitamins, loss of appetite, during growth and development, fatigue and physical exhaustion, with frequent infections, educational period and etc.

when can I start to give the multi-sanostol syrup to my child ?

One year old child can be given 10-15 ml of multi-sanostol Syrup.

What is the allowed dosage of multi-sanostol syrup for children and adults ?

1-5 years old children can take 10-15 ml, more than 5 and adults can take 15-20 ml.

May I give my child multi-sanostol syrup during illness and antibiotic therapy ?

Antibiotic therapy dose not interfere with sanostol. During illness, you can help your child’s recovery by strengthening him/her body with multi-sanostol syrup but multi vitamins should be used by medical advice during antibiotic therapy.

Can I give my child multi-sanostol syrup as an appetizer ?

Based on the experiences of consumers as well as studies on its content, multi-sanostol syrup plays an important role in enhancing appetite.

Is multi-sanostol syrup suitable for adults ?

Since the dosage of multi-sanostol syrup content is evaluated by the RDA index, adults can take 15 to 20 ml of syrup daily.

Is multi-sanostol syrup gluten and lactose free ?

It is only lactose free.

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